you were a young woman, who had dreams and goals. Maybe you dreamed of getting married, having children and being a super hero in your professional life.

All good. You need to have dreams and goals.                                   click image to hear my story  

angelaNow, you woke up, to carpool, cooking and meeting the demands of  your children, partner or work.

Again, all good. Your family and work need you.

Perhaps, you raised your kids and are now living the life of an empty nester with time on your hands. Maybe you got divorced late in life and now you have to reinvent yourself.

Or maybe, just maybe, somewhere along the way, you forgot about you. Not the mommy you, the wife you or the worker you, but the you who had dreams and goals of the things you were passionate about as a younger woman, the woman who took care of herself. The woman who worked out, ate right and had time to make good choices. And now, you think it’s too late.

Someone probably told you, “You’re too old to do THAT!” or “You better give up that old dream! You have a great paying job!”

Or, “Are you Crazy! Those dreams are for the young.”

Guess what?

They are WRONG.

It’s not too late to follow those dreams and find your passion and goals. It’s not too late to take care of yourself by getting in shape, eating right and taking those vitamins. It’s not too late to feel good about yourself.                                                                                                                                                       

In fact, it’s never too late to follow any dream or goal, or to make a difference in your own life or someone else’s life.                                                                                   


I’m glad you’re here. Because at Sad But True Life of a Middle Aged Woman,

we believe that middle age is about getting started on the dreams you left behind.

We believe that middle age is just the beginning.


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