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Angela grew up in the south, with some big dreams; get married, have kids and be rich. That order would have been just fine. 

What was NOT on her list was divorce, being homeless and losing everything. In 2006, that is exactly what happened when she decided to follow her heart.

What was in her heart?

She was in her heart.  You see, Angela woke  up one day and realized she had lost herself. She was somebody’s daughter, somebody’s wife and her children’s mother. What she had lost site of, was being a woman who took care of herself. A woman who was passionate about things outside of her family and friends. You see, somewhere over the years, she had forgotten to be a woman, and, she had forgotten about the dreams she had as a woman starting out. She cooked, cleaned, did laundry and took her turn at carpool. She was available to meet everybody’s needs but her own. She constantly did things for other people, but put herself at the end of the list. Her life was out of balance. Each day, going to bed exhausted, always wondering, “Is this it?” Yes, she had fulfilled her dream to become a wife and mom, but she had put aside her dreams of becoming a rock star. Not a ‘real’ rock star, but a star of whatever she chose to be. That ‘thing’ that filled her up outside of her marriage and family. That ‘thing’ that kept her up at night, filled with excitement; that thing that showed her kids that they could be anything they wanted to be too.

For the next 10 years, she fought to get her life back. But along the way, Angela realized that there were few to no resources for middle aged women. Middle aged women who were going through there own life struggles such as divorce, loss and aging. This is when she decided to reach out in to the world of Social Media and Facebook and create a place for women to find each other. At Sad But True Life of a Middle Aged Woman, women are able to find other women who are telling their stories. Women who are sharing their own inspirational lives. Women who have said “HELL NO,” to aging, giving up on their dreams and having everything!


Currently, Angela speaks and teaches other women that they are strong and can be whomever they decide they want to be in life and, to never give up on their dreams. Whether they are a mom, entrepreneur, or corporate queen, they do it with balance and joy.